I wrote a novel when I seen her face
with each letter & word I couldn’t keep pace
it’s like she made the stars align
like an astronomer in my mind


Could just taste her, but hunger shouldn’t have taste
thirsty as if I just ran a race
all the years, but with her I could no longer relate
even though it started out as a mistake


Was here to be with me
intoxicated in the veil of deceit
we set sail to retreat


My mistress constantly
gives me intimacy
she was like a hidden fantasy
enhanced in the privacy
of our own world’s secrecy


Don’t want you to leave
even though we
both know you shouldn’t be
with me


There are rules to this game
you know I’ve already given her my name
because it’s easy to enter, but you’ll both pay
the cost of admission to play


He’ll leave her for me you’d say
the runaway mistress on display
hoping once she has me never to play
this game again


The thirst equals what water is to rain
& even if you got him the thoughts will always cross your brain
will he do it to me or will he change
his player campaign


part 1… please read Runaway mistress final collaboration part 2 @ Another great poet Patrice Rivers


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