I get a text at 2am after the club
what are you doing
are you going
to the after party or what


I reply only if it involves fucking your bed up
or watching you rise like the morning sun
let me stop


I’ll put you on the wall one leg up & one down like it was 6:20 on the clock
you’re so attractive
i can tell without being next to you on a mattress


You’re the road map to love making satisfaction
i map you out so well you call me atlas
no feelings just raw action
is what’s happenin


To beliefs liberal activities exclusively shared
in the dark
flesh where sensuality has no cares
or strings with loose ties to tangle
us up with


Dormant until scratched to the fiery
covering every inch with skin on skin
exposing a singular purpose
in a rush never to end we begin


Slipping between parted thighs
pulsating in a pause to feel the bliss
lick in a sweet kiss and tight clutch of lips


That I have you, I’ll never let go
you’re special, a limited edition hardcover
I will take you out again and again cause
we’re insatiable lovers


Said don’t hold back i’m in the mood
tasting you like a vampire knowing you’d be this good
pure wet bliss on both lips
enjoying the masquerade ball in between your hips


Are the moans with every convulsive twitch
that you make as i come close to kissing around your slit
as i whisper in your ear in two languages


English & spanish
we’re not rich but i make you feel lavish
in your own thoughts
spaced out like an astronaut


As your needs become your wants
feeling selfish yet satisfied with what you’ve got

Great working with wet bliss another talented writer her blog is must be 18 plus adults only
Wet Bliss (Bold)
photographer:Drew @


8 thoughts on “LIBERAL ACTIVITIES (Duet w/ Wet Bliss)

  1. Reblogged this on Wet Bliss and commented:
    A few days ago, I got up the nerve to approach this very talented man and asked him to dance. To my surprise and delight, he took my hand and lead the way. I hope you enjoy what we wrote. Head over to his site now and check out his world.

  2. Wowzers our very first collab right here. Although, I think it was the second that cemented us in. Just taking a look back and thought this would make you smile if not laugh.

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