I asked how did we cross paths
she smiled then laughed
saying cause lust & passion took a bath
then signed us into one like an autograph


The math doesn’t add up or down
but look me up when you come to town
cause it’s extraordinary when you’re around 
i sit in the lap of luxury and wear you like a gown       


You’re talking my language 
not a chef so i’ll simplify the cuisine & eat you like a sandwich 
as you wrap your legs around me
then say a little tension with vanity please
while i allow you to cum for me with ease


hunger pangs cease when you’re deep
inside filling me with pure divinity
stroking my femininity, I never want you to leave                          
so I squeeze all of your masculinity, completely                             
steeping in a pool of loves liquidity


photo:nolen christopher
Great working with wet bliss another talented writer her blog is must be 18 plus adults only
Lino (bold font)


25 thoughts on “STROKING HER FEMININITY (duet w/ Wet Bliss)

      1. :-)…in that case I really want to say it’s fantastic erotica …carry on : D

  1. Reblogged this on Wet Bliss and commented:
    Pow! Not one, but two collaborations made possible this week by my new and awe inspiring partner, Marcel. Writing with him is more than easy, it’s fun and I hope we’ve just begun! Head over to his site to experience the true richness of his words.

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