Let’s talk about it
what part of me gets you excited
your imagery alone forces me to write about it


I’m the gun & you the bullet
get rid of loves competition & pull it
with her i’m passion
so with me she does things she normally wouldn’t


Life is at times guilt driven
personally & proffesionally so don’t  listen
to others food for thought cause there’s nothing in the kitchen


Stay hungry from within
while i serve you something different
that will have you thinking


Love was a mathematical question
could i be the solution
to your equation


The theater of the unexpected
& the poems i write you on the internet
like your birth i’m something you’ll never forget


Your beauty inside & out has been heard
think about why i am here
& once you do, you’ll recognize why i’m here
true romance declared


Let it go
i’ll  be the fabric of your life so
let it go

photo:nolen christopher


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