LISTED AS (Lino Robles X Wet Bliss Duet)

Charge the arsonist that lit my soul up
a crime he primed
the fire and watched it climb up
the hardened vine to heights so sublime
sentenced to life now serving loves rhymes & prison time


You struck a match with no lighter
your words are hotter than any fire
as i watch the time placed on my desires


Love her
so much.. in my phone she’s listed as forever
since all i need this very moment
is to always hold on to her lovin
baked inside of my soulmates mental oven


A sweet flavor
candy coated to love you now & not later
as the sole sense of my behavior
the temptress has now met her regulator

photo: nolen christopher
wet bliss(bold)

We try not to throw gems out with these poems only free jewelry… ha ha- just joking, but Hope everyone enjoys our collaborations as much as we do, Thanks… Please follow her blog must be 18 plus adults only. Also Hope you read my other poems & leave comments or re-blog.Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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