What if it was me & not you
knowing you had the box & i didn’t have the tools
to love you the way i should


I got scared to
not be able to hold you
or us in a frame
the picture was perfect but didn’t have our name


Could i look you in the face
with you doing nothing wrong i’ll accept the blame
sorry for the tears even though its too late      


Never forgotten to love you just the same
in preparation to hold you again
i felt i wasn’t ready to hold those reigns


The streets keep calling me
other women have a hold on me
so sorry i do feel shame
knowing that the dark circles under your eyes came
from me that you’ve obtained


Feelings are there
but the timing made me trip on those stairs
as i walked up to the love with you i wanted to share


I do care
but the fear
of not being able to truly give me lives here
even though i love you more than any other
i live in the caring hands of temptations mother


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Lino Robles


9 thoughts on “THE GUILT

  1. Hush my love don’t despair
    or shoulder the blame with shame
    you have to fight in this game of life

    Very moving piece of poetry, Lino.

      1. It’s a holiday weekend, most people (not me) are enjoying the great outdoors without wifi, I think. 🙂

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