Do I think she is breakable
the answer is yes, but doesn’t mean she can be broken
life is full of games, but I only play with her tokens
when she thinks of me her heart surrenders
she mentally smiles as she begins to wonder


He thinking of me
it’s early morning; should I be thinking of him while drinking this coffee
or stalk his facebook page nonchalantly
what would it feel like if he lay next to me
can’t believe I’m smiling uncontrollably
feeling like a youngster emotionally


I figure you’d say to yourself silently
like a poker player calling a bluff mightily
as I stand from the other side of the fence
saying no words in this sentence
i’ll show you patience


Thinking of your lips from a distance
while hugging your thoughts with admittance
since that is to me my favorite feature of yours
other than your mind of course


art:corinna delgado

Lino Robles


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