She is 5’3
of everything I need
next to me


Just holding on to love’s rope
driving along her road
doing the speed limit for sure
truly feeling noone can love her more


With these thoughts as if i was on tour
realizing that this love can only be yours
the ocean is large but you’re
the landing to all of its shores


I love you to the core
your soul equals all my allure
& you’re what love is meant for


So many choices to live for
see the picture below
i take flight & soar
to the top of the basket with you I’ve scored
with everything i have in store


Soon as i walked into loves store

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Lino Robles


4 thoughts on “MEANT FOR

  1. I think G needs to move up to F and boot the Hate out of the way, and the new G (as opposed to the OG, lol) needs to read ‘All of the above’ and then it’s perfect. 😉

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