I always ask you questions to understand your needs
& he turns to a bottle to make your heart bleed
you know where this is headed so no need
to drop to your knees


Want to be the best person you could ever meet
& he is ordinary like every day of the week
thinking of you has me up in the clouds
So.. i write what’s mentally brewing in my mind out loud


You I don’t need to look around to see me
i hope what i just wrote is easy to read
cause that’s how i feel it should be


Ever i feel broken i come to you for the fix
it’s a you & i world poured into the mix
i could never be thirsty; satisfied with what i had in the drink


What i write & think
you’re on a boat with no water underneath
so there is no way my love for you would ever sink


Should get a tattoo of a halo
with my initials so I know
that you’re my angel
i’m the other man, yet i’ll never let go


If you enjoyed this poem & want to read others my site is http://www.linorobles.wordpress.com please feel free to leave comments, follow or reblog thank you for your support! : )

Lino Robles


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