HOPE YOU’RE READY (Lino Robles X Wet Bliss duet)

I know you’re glad i’m home
couple words to our bed we’re in our zone
tonight i’ll be the boss so i’ll drink patron
rub ice down your leg turning you on


Been awhile.. so hope you’re ready
i’lI kiss you in places that reveal your fantasies
while getting you to achieve them instantly
trust me..you don’t have to worry
my worth is to get you to that point of glory


No doubts you’ll send me on a trajectory
spanning over A through Z of my directory
claiming victory over my all sensory


My complete surrender within your care
it’s not a game of truth or dare
we share in loves affair
pave the way through my mind to ride the flesh
to realities set in tales we enmesh


I don’t want you to chase shadows
so i’ll give it to you today & all your tomorrow’s
as you watch it in black like a movado


You by your hair & tell you keep lookin
all in your stomach like an anatomy student
having you doing things you said you wouldn’t


We’re intensely twisted and afflicted
gone through enough though to admit it
no choice but to hit it cause each is addicted
poppin feels so good it’s got to be scripted


(Lino in bold)
Please follow my collaborators blog wetblissdotme.wordpress.com must be 18 plus adults only. Also Hope you read my other poems at http://www.linorobles.wordpress.com & leave comments or re-blog.Thanks for stopping by & your support 🙂


8 thoughts on “HOPE YOU’RE READY (Lino Robles X Wet Bliss duet)

  1. Reblogged this on Wet Bliss and commented:
    Who’s ready for Friday and another duet with Lino and I? I am, I am, I am! As always, we had fun and hope you enjoy!

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