I’d love to talk to your mother
even if she’s not around to tell her
your daughter i love her


Seen the terrain
realising i need you to maintain
just like the desert needs rain


A drug user needs his cocaine
turned recreational because of the pain
these feelings so pure i had to explain


Loving you lives in every breath i take
cause you’re the beach & the shore
my souls written in your
sand deep into your pores


Much more

souldier girl souls in the sand

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Lino Robles


6 thoughts on “I’D LOVE TO

  1. Souls, live forever in a sweet embrace,
    Catch glimmers of what has to be
    Perhaps, just might touch
    A mingled scent
    Of animals
    Or centurions
    Marching to the Barbarian ranks

    And anyway, the Soul
    By living does profess
    An uneasy love at times
    When it tries to catch its breath
    But can’t because spirit shine

    The only way for Souls
    To Unite
    Is to solve the other’s ennui
    To create a better light
    Is it love, yes
    And more than that
    Is life.

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