I said im going to show you how
to be about this life now
starting with a kiss on your mouth


Is more than ordinary kisses
then a hug that says
i never want to miss this

For thought shouldn’t be so delicious
melting you with every lick
as i caress your heart before your hips


Inhale you like you’re the air i’m breathing
as my sunsets during your evenings
i’ll auction you all of my feelings
so start your bidding


If i were to go blind
i’d ask you for your favorite color
so you could stay on my mind
& i can watch you without looking at the time


If you enjoyed this poem & want to read others my site is http://www.linorobles.wordpress.com please feel free to leave comments, follow or reblog thank you for your support! : )

Lino Robles


8 thoughts on “I CARESS YOUR

      1. Thank you! It’s quite hard but keeping it up shouldn’t be a problem if I think about it. Your poems help a lot too. If I keep it up and pay attention to the beats I should soon get results with such a beautiful muse, wouldn’t you say?

      2. Cool! I wonder what is formed through the streams of longing, what left there when complete, when lovers meet. Maybe it becomes the sheet that hides their modesty when they kiss beneath.

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