I WANT (Lino Robles x Wet Bliss duet )

I’ve got two in the queue
but all I want baby is you
to tell me the story of us
how we discovered love
inspired by mutual lust
built upon a sacred trust


The early morning cusp
of divinity next to you is a must
in order for you to open up
to all my passion plus


Treat you like new territory encompassed
with passion with every touch
without you telling me how much


There’s no words to describe
the feelings reflected in your eyes
no matter how hard you try
i see through the disguise


Carrying my arsenal at the ready
to fight for us even when it gets messy
giving enough to hold you steady


(Lino in bold)

Book coming soon📕☺

Please follow my collaborators blog wetblissdotme.wordpress.com must be 18 plus adults only. Also Hope you read my other poems at http://www.linorobles.wordpress.com & leave comments or re-blog.Thanks for stopping by & your support 🙂

Lino Robles

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