ONE DAY (sample of my upcoming book)

One day we’ll be living together
& i’ll open the front door of our home
call the house & say put on your favorite clothes
it’s date night cause i don’t want you to be alone
later that day


Being silly texting you bring me the phone
at work sending messages on the beauty of your tone
flawless down to your moan
after the first day


Lay next to me finally
without cuddling yet holding me
fix dinner even if i’m not hungry
call me by my full name just to annoy me
the next day


Would be sipping on your favorite wine
as i stare at all the reasons you’re mine
while you say the girl at work is hating all the time
& i ask you why
that same day


Say just what you heard from other guys
devils advocate have you asked her about those lies
remember to focus & don’t loose your mind
when you get home i’ll chill your favorite wine
at the end of this day


Run your favorite scented bubble bath
rub your feet as i rest them on my lap
then lay next to my gift in you unwrapped
another day


Up next to you & not a cell with a text to extract
an attachment of where i’d rather be at
then turn off the lights as we go on vacation with no map
one day

Book coming soon hope you enjoy this sample.. “Contemporary Thoughts Of A Love Poet”📕☺
art:sunflower man

Lino Robles


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