I found her in my dreams
the day i seen the many ways she
was meant for me


I asked to see
her many versions
not just the make up clad emotions


The poetic side that i love to mention
no make up needed to understand my sonnets direction


You stare at yourself & i pay attention
to the dimples in your smile
plus the wavelengths of your souls dimensions


Say you can’t physically hold emotions
& i felt the same
till the day you flew in
& i held you with pure devotion


Book coming soon📕☺
If you enjoyed this poem & want to read others my site is http://www.linorobles.wordpress.com please feel free to leave comments, follow or reblog thank you for your support! : )

Lino Robles


3 thoughts on “PURE DEVOTION

  1. “the wavelengths of your souls dimensions”. To connect “wavelengths” to the “soul”. Yes, for at the beginning of humanity, men and women did not speak with their tongue, but telepathically (the Atlantis, Lemuria, Eden…). Poetry (and music, which is poetry before poetry) is the medium for reconciling us with the soul, which never lies. Thanks for these symbols. Levi.

  2. Glad you caught that subtle reference.. i personally feel to better understand my writing it must be read several times. I appreciate your words & thoughts!😎

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