MAKE IT WORK (Duet Lino Robles X Wet Bliss)

These words are set
with physical activity elementary like recess
poetically written like real sex


You by your hair
whisper while nibbling on your ear
who’s is it i asked her


She dug her finger
nails down my back without care
fuck you she says as if this was a dare


Damn testing the boundries and limits
showing no shame
playing a dangerous game


as if she wanted to get away
always pushing and pulling
triggers and dodging bullets
not this time, her body sways


Mine as if i invented her well being
in each letter of her name i am seeing
the very fabric of lust & passion


back pressed against my front
chin trapped with forefinger & thumb
lips close in to confront


Very emotions that have yet to come


Lino in bold
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photo:jean baptiste fort

Lino Robles


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