I said sorry for allowing my heart to speak for me
& she said if you respected me
you wouldn’t engage me
in an emotional exploit…. It’s unfair


You can’t be THAT sorry because you still sent it to me
Then I said that’s why I apologize
& try not to be
so in awe; with all you mean to me


You just have that IT factor when it comes to me
Even though I’m not with you
It makes me feel good knowing im with you


It out the way any right thinking man would do
that’s why I write from the clouds of a storm
purely seeing my blessings in you
cause you once said that you
looked at me as a unicorn


I guess im best left that way
since mythically you ALWAYS
put a smile on my face
such a special feeling is all I have to say


Would never exploit you emotionally
you are my emotions eternally
that’s why i try not to write


With that said my intent
would never be to disrespect
You should know this is the way i’ve always felt
spreading every inch of me over you well


Me to you… The end


Throwback piece renamed…

Lino Robles


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