I want her to think of me
in this order to see
how in love she should be


Thing she feels waking up next to me
is a big hug
a continuation of last night when we made love
then a kiss on the cheek
before i go into the bathroom to brush my teeth



My boxers & muscle tee
as she enjoys the stares she
gets from me
it should be
that simple to visualize indeed


I sneak
in the shower while asking you to join me
voyeuristic scene
as you come in


Stare at the body
you dont want me to see
with flaws that i can never see
your tattoo is sexy to me
so i smack your ass naughtily



You around to kiss you passionately
scrub your back & soap your body
laughing & talking about it all non-chalantly


Tell you you’re beatiful as we
get dressed to hit the streets
breakfast in or out of bed
thats what the morning would be
like after spending it with me

photo:italianlady2 tumblr

Lino Robles

4 thoughts on “THE MORNING WITH ME

    1. Mornings are the best
      lack of breakfast in bed
      unless you’re in it i confess


      A poetic sense no less
      as you’ve passed your test
      & i’ve passe mine cause you allowed me to rest


      Head in many places
      late night yawning
      turned to early morning moaning


      I’m also loving mornings

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