What happens when
my heart unleashes its most primal desire
what happens if
my pen dries up on this matter
whats the secret when sick
& looking for happiness while knowing you’re the only treatment


I float your thoughts in my head
& spread my soul onto your bread
thinking how i would make love to you in silence
while looking into your eyes whispering pure mysteries in spanish


Are a walking orgasm to me waiting to happen
you live inside my heart
without thoughts or words.
silent & wandering, am i a nomad in love terms


Ponder how like an addiction i roam
in every fiber of your being
with the eloquence of sunlight meaning
i would brighten your mental waiting room alone


You infuse my world
with everything that is special
bright, smooth an artistically gifted
which brings light
in the dark night
like the moon
yes this poem is all about you


A winter haze
under an umbrella i want to see your face
with the cold vapors coming out of your mouth saying my name
with the snow falling; its cozy under this umbrellas shade
cause it’s only you & i


Is a thought that will never fade


This is a throw back poem of mine renamed & remixed. If you like what you read please read, comment, reblog & follow me.
Thanks for your support!

art:bk the artist

Lino Robles


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