I write in good faith
by trying to relay
the benefits of us being together in this race


I never settled to be who i’ve become
yet love the fact that you compliment me some
even though we are done


Still search my facebook for fun
& i allow you to see me on the run
no matter how you weave this i am still spun


Most things that you love second to none
even when you try i can never be shunned
like alcohol in your system you stay stunned
cause i want you to win what you’ve won


Is my heart & soul that towards you weighs more than a ton
you start my fire like arson
while i learn to fly into you like an airman


Eat you like my favorite foods italian & asian
as i stay smoother than that 007 agent
no matter the luggage you bring
i’ll relieve you of them just give me a ring
as i bag up the love i’d bring


art:sunflower man tumblr

Lino Robles


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