She said i want to hear you
explain me to yourself
to see if we connect to oneself


Well everything i feel
is easy to tell
cause i’ve never fully
bought into myself


Your reflection stares at me in the mirror
with nothing altered
when i question love you’re the only answer


With the mere
thought of you i say damn
I’m glad she slipped through the hands
of every man


She’s had
in her lifetime
to afford me the right
to call her mine


I pull all the strings from loves grove
inside your head is where it all goes


art:lustrafest instagram

Lino Robles


16 thoughts on “CALL HER MINE

      1. You’re to kind☺

        Like a candle
        she burns herself up
        to give others light


        I do my best to ensure she shines bright
        some say its easier with the ink & quill
        but its easier when she makes my heart stand still


        She’s that real
        as i touch areas others forgot to feel
        her cups half empty while i supplied her refill

    1. Wow… Thanks for your kind words & work, plus the first couple lines of my next poem☺!

      Im going to talk about that time
      where my ambition robbed my love blind
      when you were ready to be all mine

      1. Ok…

        A lot is unknown of her like a Tibetan tourist
        yet i practice what i preach in her like a Buddhist
        as i glide through her waters


        A speedboat in speed i flourish
        nurturing her every breathe in my ozone like a florist
        as i sip on this yak
        not sure if i’m riding one or sipping on cognac


        I can get real deep
        loss of weight & sleep
        so all i do is speak
        the truths
        that others have forgotten to tell you..

        Is that good tibet,yaks & speed😂😂😎

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