I want to sit
next to you & talk about life
the etiquette of love that keeps me blind
& the euphoria of how we should spend our time


This moment I’d like to say is a combination of love & lust
sprinkled with all my desires of the truth
of how in a panoramic state of mind all I see is you


Words are keen
yet for whatever reason I cannot seem
to speak
or paint the picture the way it’s meant to be seen


That’s deep
loss of weight & sleep
my thoughts; so fragile I’ve become timid
don’t know why cause if i get it out I’m winning


Seen plenty of girls, but in you I’ve seen a woman
like my mom; which brings me home
before it gets dark with no other reason to roam
cause you’re my better half cloned


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This is a re-blog from one of my earlier poems called panoramic state…

Lino Robles


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