I don’t understand this
feeling for you yet
i write about it
wanting you to feel it


I know how it’s to be perfected
all the years of true love being neglected
yet my passion for you never gets affected


Words are just waiting for you to initial them
when i leave the laptop this becomes a commitment
before & after i hit send


Walk back around to see it confirmed then
i regret sending it
only cause i’m vulnerable to whats been missing


I love you with no strings attached
any position nena, yes i said that
held your hands & saw cupids format
in your silhouette in less than 1 second flat
photo:italianlady2 tumblr
Lino Robles

THE BEAUTY OF LOVE (Lino Robles × Bruised Belly )

I write you when looking for comfort
is what i told her
no matter the question im willing to answer


Be the poet & you be the ink for the writer
in the open like a fan at a concert
with a lighter


No matter your perceived flaws
to me you will always be a work of art
painted & consumed for you a la carte


Now I’m climbing
from the abyss
thinking it might be you
that I miss


You are pulling me
toward the light
offering me strength so I continue to fight


You always have a good day
each smile you give makes my day
the thought of you is all it takes
to write the beauty of love on my face

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BB in bold

Lino Robles

OBEDIENT DESIRES (Lino Robles x Wet Bliss)

I’m listening
but I can’t hear
the words your saying
cause I’m just watching
the way your body moves


Until you’re all done
then pull it out to have fun
as you whisper at my ear
I have been misbehaving
pull my hair, so I hear
what to do next


Desires even before sex
what a turn on i must confess
that i was feeling the same
calculating every breathe you take
with passionate kisses written on your face


Take all of you & devour it into my name
as i rain
down the thunder in lightnings place
then whisper the reason you came
shhhhh…. as the water flows
obedient desires on the go

(Lino in bold)
photo:italianlady2 tumblr
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Lino Robles


Young love
I seen the world in your eyes
even before the hug
of pain showed up in disguise


Taught me about your beautiful mind
the gratitude of patience so divine
& the reason to love in these rhymes


Craving what i never knew was being deprived
after writing & reading what was in my soul at that time
remembering the day i said you’d always be mine
& watching it continue to stand up to the sands of time


Young love always being mine


drawing:mary angley

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Lino Robles


Why is the forbidden fruit the sweetest
her name equals all this & i mean this
i could want you for the wrong reasons
but ultimately they’re my reasons


You i’ll go against myself call it treason
like a ship trying to dock its emotions
with lack of direction
yet seeing the light in the fog of a beacon


Can see & hear the path that i’m feelin
no matter your perceived flaws
to me you’re still a work of art
transcended into the desires of my heart


A promise of love brings the fun back no lie
as i attempt to undress her mind
before she decides
if it would be nice
to make up for lost time

art :mary angley
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Lino Robles

TILL YOU FEEL IT (Lino Robles × Wet Bliss Duet)

I’m willing to accept the call
to hear your hearts intentions.
If you’re willing to give your all
solely to me as an intervention.


Quickly dismiss the transgressions,
wrap you up in love and affection.
If you can’t give it all
then prepare to fall


I’m not into polygamy situations,
condoned by third-world nations.
well i’ll give you 7 reasons
why each continent
knows your name when reading


I am breathing
pure love is all you’re needing
so i give it
real candid


Gets some but you get showtime magic
as you cruise on my ship
while i set sail while holding onto your hips
from a massage to drizzling honey on your nips


Me how you’d like this
to go,should i stop or give you some more
no purchase needed to get whats in store
i usually make love but tonight i want you to be my whore


You feel it in your stomach & soar
into your net i score


Lino in Bold

art:phuckos instagram
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Lino Robles


I write to you unofficially like love doesnt have a name
look down i am a full line & addictive so call me cocaine
dont act timid
i write but act like you were the one speaking


You’re running
as if you were headed towards the weekend
exhilirating feeling that rush as if you were peaking
breathing different notes as if you were singing
with me by your side to make you feel you were winning


Is not a race
but without it or you i would feel out of place
if he treats you dirty
then i am the shower wash him off you it’s time to change


In the morning it’s the beginning of your new day
my words are like a jog
that takes you away from the fog
i am keeping it real & not hating cause to me that would be wrong
keep listening like it was the only song on your ipod
till it’s done & you realize i am number one

Lino Robles


Lurking in the shadows of love
cause you’re with somebody else
loving you means loving nobody else


You on a pedestal before i fell
the only thing i have left
only my pen can tell


Feel only i could love you well
can’t draw but i can tell
you the aftermath like a will


Speak from the heart just keeping it real
you make my emotions stand still
like the lone star in texas i’ll
be the king of your hill


Said it all cause that’s how i feel
in the shadows of love


Lino Robles