I write to you unofficially like love doesnt have a name
look down i am a full line & addictive so call me cocaine
dont act timid
i write but act like you were the one speaking


You’re running
as if you were headed towards the weekend
exhilirating feeling that rush as if you were peaking
breathing different notes as if you were singing
with me by your side to make you feel you were winning


Is not a race
but without it or you i would feel out of place
if he treats you dirty
then i am the shower wash him off you it’s time to change


In the morning it’s the beginning of your new day
my words are like a jog
that takes you away from the fog
i am keeping it real & not hating cause to me that would be wrong
keep listening like it was the only song on your ipod
till it’s done & you realize i am number one

Lino Robles

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