TILL YOU FEEL IT (Lino Robles × Wet Bliss Duet)

I’m willing to accept the call
to hear your hearts intentions.
If you’re willing to give your all
solely to me as an intervention.


Quickly dismiss the transgressions,
wrap you up in love and affection.
If you can’t give it all
then prepare to fall


I’m not into polygamy situations,
condoned by third-world nations.
well i’ll give you 7 reasons
why each continent
knows your name when reading


I am breathing
pure love is all you’re needing
so i give it
real candid


Gets some but you get showtime magic
as you cruise on my ship
while i set sail while holding onto your hips
from a massage to drizzling honey on your nips


Me how you’d like this
to go,should i stop or give you some more
no purchase needed to get whats in store
i usually make love but tonight i want you to be my whore


You feel it in your stomach & soar
into your net i score


Lino in Bold

art:phuckos instagram
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Lino Robles

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