OBEDIENT DESIRES (Lino Robles x Wet Bliss)

I’m listening
but I can’t hear
the words your saying
cause I’m just watching
the way your body moves


Until you’re all done
then pull it out to have fun
as you whisper at my ear
I have been misbehaving
pull my hair, so I hear
what to do next


Desires even before sex
what a turn on i must confess
that i was feeling the same
calculating every breathe you take
with passionate kisses written on your face


Take all of you & devour it into my name
as i rain
down the thunder in lightnings place
then whisper the reason you came
shhhhh…. as the water flows
obedient desires on the go

(Lino in bold)
photo:italianlady2 tumblr
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Lino Robles


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