THE BEAUTY OF LOVE (Lino Robles × Bruised Belly )

I write you when looking for comfort
is what i told her
no matter the question im willing to answer


Be the poet & you be the ink for the writer
in the open like a fan at a concert
with a lighter


No matter your perceived flaws
to me you will always be a work of art
painted & consumed for you a la carte


Now I’m climbing
from the abyss
thinking it might be you
that I miss


You are pulling me
toward the light
offering me strength so I continue to fight


You always have a good day
each smile you give makes my day
the thought of you is all it takes
to write the beauty of love on my face

Any feedback appreciated Please feel free to leave comments, follow or reblog thank you for your support! : )
My co-creator on in poem was the very talented BB & to see more of her work you can visit ☺

BB in bold

Lino Robles

One thought on “THE BEAUTY OF LOVE (Lino Robles × Bruised Belly )

  1. Reblogged this on The Migraine Chronicles and commented:
    A gigantic Thank You to Lino for not only having so much patience with me while I was struggling, but also for being supportive. My determination to finish a piece with him helped pull me through my worst case of writers block yet. Forever Thankful xo

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