She said come see me i just need a hug
i’ll be on the way ready to make that run
she said i’ve just had a rough day
i said well let’s go have lunch if thats ok


Said that would be awesome
when you get close send me a text
& i replied as you wish
but i’ll be there in about 6
minutes her response was see you then


The parking lot of her job
i saw heaven when she came out
hugged her so tight
my aura felt our future as i inhaled on sight
then exhaled the scent of love with delight



In the car i asked whats wrong
last night i drunk nyquil & alcohol
we argued then he put me out his car
i said what then paused


Did you drink that without calling me on the phone
why play with your life, he lives & you gone
i’m not in his shoes to say he’s wrong
but i am with you here to comfort you now


Smiled & said i know
why do you love me so much
for the same reason we’re here eating lunch
unconditionally here to serve your needs
cause you’re deserving of someone like me


A boquet of flowers waiting at your desk
you call me back & say boy you’re a mess
& thanks for this


Lino Robles


8 thoughts on “I JUST NEED A HUG

      1. 14 is better than 1 or none, and you can count on at least 1. 🙂 I see so many posts with no love at all, it’s a timing game and about hitting your audience when they’re watching and feeling you IMHO.

      2. Truthfully , i like it better this way though.. Since the people that do come on my blog actually read my work for the most part… My point though was from an artistic level the ones you truly liked writing may not connect like the one you didn’t put as much effort on… At least I have great writers reading my work though as yourself!

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