Its funny how i can read your mind
cause what you’re feeling i quote in mine
i’m into horoscope & like a twin i’ll call you gemini
as i silently think of you at times


Don’t know how or why
i feel this connection to you so deep inside
i am still falling into your abyss, like a rock from the sky
cause i’m a thinker, yet a dreamer which complicates my life
i know that rings a bell & i am not talking about your phone line


He who is me is packaged in several characters for sure
from the one who doesn’t expect anything more
to the one who wants to greet & say i love you at the front door
then kiss your mother & father for bringing you into this world for me
cause you’re the other half of my legacy


You the way; you want to be seen
outside of normalcy’s reign, with nothing in between
since my nights are longer than my days
that’s my mantra with you as i stare at your face
which to me is more than just a phrase


Take a picture of us & our name
& thats the reality of our love in its frame
as she once said; i’m not as fun as you think


My response was i’m just here to connect the links
so i hope this poem is something you’ll never forget
since i haven’t shown you the best yet

art ljovier

art:loui jover

Lino Robles


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