CAN’T GET ENOUGH (Lino Robles x Wet Bliss )

These moments are emotionally candid
i’ve got that codeine slow breathing therapeutic dick
slow rubs as her legs twitch
she’s slippery & wet


Here i’ll admit
we can’t get enough of it
i pause as she unveils what i’ve been missing
in the veil of her nakedness i’m revealing
my most primal instincts


On the verge of insanity
giving into demands of fantasy
released and then trapped in captivity
shattering reality in explicit, sexual vanity


Was the way we felt it swirling
over and through down to toes curling
both heads tilt-a-wheel whirling
softness soaked in aftershocks twirling
hypnotic friction witnessing second stirrings


Lino in bold

Another great time writing with this talented writer Wet Bliss & her take on the psychodelic side of sex… Hope you enjoy our duet Happy Friday! Please feel free to leave comments, follow or reblog thank you!

Lino Robles


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