I remember when your love was only
meant for me
so all i did was go all out to try
& spoil you since you were mine


Somewhere along the way the lines
were blurred from i can’t live this life
without you by my side
to can’t wait on getting away from you tonight


To someone else while i’m
in the other room in the middle of the night
while i deflected the competition on sight
thinking you were that good girl i’d always hold tight


I started seeing you in a different light
as you began to show yourself to another guy
while your enemy showed me
the facts


I couldn’t believe
even with my own eyes
then i tried
to make love to what was no longer mines


Was a big lie & i regret that
in your store i’d say my love will never lack
from that day all the mishaps
3 in total while he could barely give 1 back
true love didn’t survive is all i have to say about that


Lino Robles

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