OUR TECHNIQUES (Lino x Wet Bliss)

Its been a long week
so i said lay down i’ll rub your feet
you smiled & i said shh don’t you speak


After we release the tension gradually
i’ll run you a bath to cuddle with me
mesmerized by your beauty i feel weak



My hands begin to caress and squeeze
cause in this moment it’s all we need
to feel completely relaxed to building heat


By touch, lips join in to roam & seek
out the spots that give release
to delighted sighs and little squeaks



Pleasures our bodies learn to speak
more fluently each time we meet
one another’s needs with new techniques


What we thought didn’t exist just last week
as our exploration starts to peak
with elongated breathes as your eyes blink
trying to stay in one place as your loves released
all over me


Lino in bold
art: petitesluxures
Here’s our last collaboration from myself & Wetbliss for 2015.. We definitely would like to thank everyone for supporting our work this year! She can be followed at wetblissdotme.wordpress.com
Remember you must be 18yrs older

Lino Robles


10 thoughts on “OUR TECHNIQUES (Lino x Wet Bliss)

  1. Reblogged this on Wet Bliss and commented:
    My final collaborative foray of 2015, cause let’s face it closing out the year without one final piece with my favorite person would be inexcusable. I hope you all enjoy our final concoction! 🎉

    Thanks for so many good (writing) times throughout the year, Lino. You are appreciated!💞

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