Freestyle Poem

This was just a joke by one of my go to poets that peaked my interest in her comment( on one of my poems. I’ve enjoyed her work & the feeling is mutual. I asked to collaborate with her & to pick the topic. Jokingly she said “Tibet, yaks and speed boats.
just kidding”
& here’s what insue’d by me during this freestyle finalized in 3

A lot is unknown of her like a Tibetan tourist
yet i practice what i preach in her like a Buddhist
as i glide through her waters


A speedboat in speed i flourish
nurturing her every breathe in my ozone like a florist
as i sip on this yak
not sure if i’m riding one or sipping on cognac


I can get real deep
loss of weight & sleep
so all i do is speak
the truths
that others have forgotten to tell you

keven-osborne-tibet-9Photo:kevin osborne


18 thoughts on “Freestyle Poem

      1. Next time on the fly
        so high
        up i have to wipe the clouds out your eyes


        I put you emotionally up
        steamy & ready like what comes out your favorite tea cup
        as my morning brunch…

      2. afterwards we skim the trade winds
        ripple clouds into superstitious skies
        near highest peaks
        where stars slip in your eyes
        in their places
        feeling your heart ricochet with our highs

      3. what you said just became foreplay
        as the stars align into the milky way
        i plan on making thunder & lightning meet rain
        as it pours down whistling my name


        You saying oh papi i’ve came
        into the thought of lust & love being the same
        while i continue to drive these thoughts exclusively into your brain
        i wont swerve this all stays in your lane

      1. Don’t be absurd
        Or believe everything heard
        From the “three little birds,”
        Playing outside with words

        All was really quite quiet
        Until I decided to join the riot
        In rendezvous marked as private
        Forming a solid alliance

        I don’t normally kiss and tell,
        But it sprung up like a water well
        At the base of the swell
        When I fell under the spell

      2. Wow…ok,

        She put it all in plain view
        answering the call too
        multi purpose quite panoramic


        Go all in like an savage
        the way you never had it
        turning a good girl to malice


        Showing her distinguished side in my palace
        coloring it in all of loves palates
        while you take it in like magic
        as i grab the hat & pull out the rabbit

      3. A Magician first creates the illusion
        Leaving me to draw my own conclusions
        Then boldly slides in with a firm intrusion
        Diminishing all thoughts and confusion

        I focus intently on the main act
        Dragging it out in hopes that it lasts
        A while before the cannon blasts
        With rhythmic enthusiasm unsurpassed

        Uncertain of where one show begins
        Or when the next episode draws to an end
        All I know is it want to do it again and again

        Happy Friday! Ttyl I’ve got work to do

      4. Whoa… okay, Hope you have a Great day & better weekend, but before you go…Here you go

        I showed her where again & again begins
        as she gets me started with these words
        then says she has to go to work
        well today is my turn


        Put out fires
        connect my passion into you like wires
        no speed limits to these desires
        I must earn & conquer your empire


        To make it our kingdom
        where our emotions take over the forum
        no words yet you get my wisdom
        in & out enclosed in the walls of your prison


        These sounds turn into a best selling album
        just listen

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