I want all of her frame at 5’3 to be mine
cause emotionally she stands taller than all my feelings combined
impressed by not only her beauty, but also her mind
no need to watch cause she owns all my time


Can’t tell you what you need
but i can give you all of me
cause you’re one of a kind
i’ll hold onto to the ticket, if you take the flight


Show you how i
could love you till the edge of eternity, as i give you whats mine
thinking of you daily without a word hoping you’re fine
never hanging up on loves land line


Write from within
never from the outside like other men
they see the outer beauty to stay afloat, while i swim
into your soul, without words only a dry throat


I text you on the phone
wanting to tell you a lot more
than hello
cause i love you mi Amor


Photo :unknown
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Lino Robles

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