When i hear you speak
is like an angel is talking to me
so i pay attention to you attentively


Your eyes that tell stories
that can be seen by the blind
to your lips that speak the uncanny
to my thoughts that chase your words that are catchy


Your breast that aren’t too busty
yet accessorizes your look totally
& the little pouch on your stomach


I properly kiss while my 2 hands on your buttocks
didn’t say 2 hands on your ass cause what i do to you is proper
with kisses around that region makes you hotter


I vibrate my tongue all over
you like a buzzer
as my head is grabbed for me to venture further


Continue to kiss down her legs
her body twitches & i hear sex in her breath
the doors closed theres nothing more to be said


photo:johnny cinematic
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Lino Robles

8 thoughts on “HER BODY SAYS

    1. Thank you.. I’m glad i wasn’t listening to one of her songs then, cause she would of been my muse for the piece..lol, a trumpet thats a first…

      She’s blowing for miles
      like a trumpet im loving those sounds as i smile
      fashionably makes me come late in style


      I return the favor before releasing my stockpile
      just for her so she doesn’t feel lonely in exile
      cause to me its just her in my profile
      forgetting whats ertswhile
      as pleasing you has become my lifestyle. ..

      Thanks for your support.. felt like freestyling this…lol, hope you have a great day & weekend!

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