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I JUST CAME ~ A Duet –

I’m tired, but I won’t even pretend
As if I’m not ready to go at it again
All these feelings have no end,
Let me start by saying how it begins


Before we get downright naughty
I wanna touch every inch of your body
After all, it is my favorite hobby
Teasing you with lips, while talking bawdy


I’ll give you sparks to start your flame
have you saying
daddy i only want to drive in your lane
& the scenic route is not in your brain


All i give is high octane
as she pictures me in her frame
tender kisses to the point she can’t contain
her feelings


If the walls could talk it would only know my name
from oh shit, to harder & ok ok… i just came

This is a poem written with one of my favorite writters & collaborators Wet Bliss… I thank you again for inspiring me with words… Tell us what you think…
Lino in Bold

Lino Robles


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