What if you weren’t meant to be loved
just used in the parallels of us two


If belonging was just the ending
of what you should be beginning


If i stood still & kept knocking on your door
as you’re the audience i always looked for


If i told you the emptiness you felt wont subside
until you stop trying to be a rock & turning me soft in spite
knowing the mechanics of a woman in life
not saying that genders can’t trade place
every now & then..but


If i told you that your words tear me down
or that being alone to me towards you is plural & not a noun
would you not try to work this out

No picture needed for this one just words this is a remix to wet bliss piece called home alone.you can visit her site at wetblissdotme.wordpress.com must be 18 yrs older

Lino Robles


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