Why do this to your family i say
with a married man she wanted to play
& here is the claim


Never show me affection so that makes it ok
left to see him in a different state
then he states
i love my wife & here with my family i stay


The early gym & phone calls to him you made
he had a change of heart to the game
you arrived on friday after he chose 
his family over a hoe


You chose to pursue him some more
choosing him over your own
cause you text saturday hi
he gave no reply


On monday back home
you wrote i know you said not to text me no more
I hope you are okay just want to make sure
again no response
You’re caught the next friday in the am on the dot


Here it gets deep
he already told you to stop your text
& you wouldn’t till you got caught
now to your husband its baby lets talk


Didnt mean it i stopped
i was wrong
the question became if on saturday he gave no response
why on monday at home you asked why no response


Said cause i wanted too
which shows youre only sorry you got caught
on monday you wanted him to again reach out
& friday while its known with your husband you want to work it out


No other man & now no husband
real classy chasing another womans

Lino Robles


Should i go
with the does 2 wrongs
make it right though
i picked up her cell & wrong code


Seen the emotional swings so
everything you’re doing i already know
should i just act dumb
when you dont say i love you no mo


Fo sho
i am planning my exit & that i know

Lino Robles


She placed her as the villainous
2 headed serpent villain in this
not realizing she too added to this mess
by not offering me the best


Herself instead of what was left out of reach
when i said i love her to me it was deep
as i only gave what i wanted to keep
true love spell it backwards & take a peek


When it was too late you decided to speak
after months of telling me
i dont love you anymore i want us to be
friends till you seen


Picture of us so pristine
now all of a sudden you want me
now that i am in the hands of your so called enemy

Lino Robles


We fell in love too early
later has me thinking about you lately
traveling into my mind cause you’re worldly


How it would… would’ve been if we had babies
written as if Drake was the MC of these melodies
you have a hold on me


I hate to admit
but the truth is to be expected
while i write for you to see & hear it
cause my love forever is what you inherit

Lino Robles


She said i like it rough
so I twisted her arm told her to quit acting so tough
no touching just lay there so
i can show you how to be catered in lust


Then gently bite on her nipples just
to hear her moan & say hurry i just want to fuck
shh no talking tonight you’re my slut
grab you by the neck for you to shut the fuck up


You on your bottom
while you silently say damn I fucking want him
then i start to tease the kitty
with every kiss it purrs my name.. really
playing in it like i’m silly
tonight is about rough sex & being all types of kinky

Lino Robles


I make love to you emotionally everyday
always hard viagra flow with everything I say
whole heartedly written all over my face


The first smile that seduced my soul
my passion for you has been out of control
i write to savor your taste
with visual hunger cooking whatever i want me to make


To what is felt in this sentence
knowing that when read you’ll sense its
more that just words exposed
naked for you to see is my soul


Lino Robles


She sleeps in her bed alone
yet emotionally i’m in her home
here’s the thing
i love you yet it feels like a sin
maybe cause it is


I take a glimpse
into your eyes & place my hand on your hips
lusting for your soft lips
& touch


I visualize you that much
as i try to push you away
then realizing in my heart you’ll always stay


True feelings of where i’ve never been
while i lay the foundation all over your skin
opening up to you equals a win
like a gemini i stare at loves twin


Want your heart
to get it show me where to begin
i am ready to start
to shower you with love a la carte


photo;:italianlady 2 tumblr

Lino Robles


She said her name was sin
& i told her my name was passion
everything i’d give would be long lasting


Here we go
me holding your hands
reading your palms slow


To allow you to
settle in my conscience even more
down to my soul


Why i read your left palm cause it goes directly through your veins to the heart i want to hold
with this poem on the go


Lino Robles


I like how the moon revolves around you
while the sun orbits the colors become you
i guess what i am trying to convey
is that you should have my last name


Picture that & put it in loves frame
i’ll numb you of your past pain
if needed like novacain


A psychologist but i want to live in your brain
no signals needed i’ll stay in your lane
& to that i say no need for change

Lino Robles

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HEAD GAMES – A Duet w/Lino Robles –

If you’re gonna be a dick
Then I’ll have to plead the fifth
I can’t resist being a cold-hearted bitch
My defense mechanism is fully equipped


I hear is 2 cups of the same shit
coming from your spit fire lips
knowing you also had a part to play in this
was she attractive of course she is


Said that you wanted to experience it
outside of that I plead the fifth
You’re sick, is this how you get your kicks
Pulling out your He-man tricks in order to get


While you’re ahead and get on this bed
Bonehead and fix this,  we both need to be fed
I’ll take what was yours and make it mine
Share her wine until it bleeds our lust dry

Lino Robles ×Wetbliss

Lino Robles