Why do i love you when i shouldn’t
you try to mask it
but your beautiful face shows right through it
all this from a simple kiss
i don’t believe in myths
but you’ve made me fall into loves abyss


You’re so right yet so wrong
wanting to be on me like a sticker on a form
i only want to take you to that place
where you’re at ease every step of the way
like make up my love is all over your face


Is a show & you’ve found your co-star
if i’ve laid next to you with a t’shirt &boxers
that means i’ve closed my last chapter
feeling new joys with plenty of laughter


Gin & i’am the ice that’s in a relationship glass cubed
once it’s poured into the glass my soul is the melted ice you’ve produced
that’s our love intoxicatively consumed
since the true me lies within you


Lino Robles


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