(Part 1 of series of 3)
I just saw a throwback
imagining how you would throw that
super bowl sunday pAss like a quarterback


Ask who’s is it
you’d say all yours tatted up to show it
true love was the real culprit
not bragging but you were 1 hundred


1 in a million nothing less to be expected
all my stocks in your bonds invested
or should i also call you angel the way you blessed it
by leaving it in you so nothing was wasted


Else can i explain this
all in my head till it comes out white like dandruff


art: italianlady2 tumblr

Lino Robles


6 thoughts on “THE EXES $€*

    1. Ah man, I thought you knew the rules. Never tell the truth. Fine bust my bubble, j/k. I’ve almost done that in a text and was like holy crap! Puppy-monkey-baby 😜

  1. What was meant to be written was which i guess didn’t save. I placed these series in different sequence live, for the people who truly enjoy my work to back peddle before bringing it full circle. From the love had, to break up to the after thoughts of it..

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