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HEAD GAMES – A Duet w/Lino Robles –

If you’re gonna be a dick
Then I’ll have to plead the fifth
I can’t resist being a cold-hearted bitch
My defense mechanism is fully equipped


I hear is 2 cups of the same shit
coming from your spit fire lips
knowing you also had a part to play in this
was she attractive of course she is


Said that you wanted to experience it
outside of that I plead the fifth
You’re sick, is this how you get your kicks
Pulling out your He-man tricks in order to get


While you’re ahead and get on this bed
Bonehead and fix this,  we both need to be fed
I’ll take what was yours and make it mine
Share her wine until it bleeds our lust dry

Lino Robles ×Wetbliss

Lino Robles


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