Why do this to your family i say
with a married man she wanted to play
& here is the claim


Never show me affection so that makes it ok
left to see him in a different state
then he states
i love my wife & here with my family i stay


The early gym & phone calls to him you made
he had a change of heart to the game
you arrived on friday after he chose 
his family over a hoe


You chose to pursue him some more
choosing him over your own
cause you text saturday hi
he gave no reply


On monday back home
you wrote i know you said not to text me no more
I hope you are okay just want to make sure
again no response
You’re caught the next friday in the am on the dot


Here it gets deep
he already told you to stop your text
& you wouldn’t till you got caught
now to your husband its baby lets talk


Didnt mean it i stopped
i was wrong
the question became if on saturday he gave no response
why on monday at home you asked why no response


Said cause i wanted too
which shows youre only sorry you got caught
on monday you wanted him to again reach out
& friday while its known with your husband you want to work it out


No other man & now no husband
real classy chasing another womans

Lino Robles


9 thoughts on “ANOTHER WOMENS MAN

  1. I despise women who go after someone else’ partner – no Sisterhood – especially those who are already married – no excuses – ‘consenting adults’ is bullshit. Two out of four of them are NOT consenting.

      1. Women are quick to demonize men as cheaters, my personal experience is cheating in women is equally rampant, especially online. I’m glad you shone a light on it.

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