Support and Listen

I cling to her well being
she’s a sight that is worth seeing
these words are worth breathing
written yet i am speaking


All my intentions
every time that i mention
my love for you that goes in 1 direction
with each vowel having an explanation


You being my only dedication
if wrong i’d turn in my resignation
im open to any & all your reservations
Ioving you is the only clarification


When dealing
with what’s been missing
thats why im here to support & listen


I made small talk
to the one that once knew it all
& she took my playbook
by trying not to respond at all


I write to put what ive learned
into feelings  that sound like melodic words
full speed ahead not minding the curves
from my ball point pen it can be heard


When im done you can still take a turn
like a fireman i wont allow your emotions to burn
wont judge but will process it to churn


Into what you deserve
when you second guess these actions turned
into verbs


I gave her my thoughts
into the deepest crevasses of my heart
sandwiched in between understanding her wants


For each bites response
every flavor has a hidden nuance
so i savor it like my last meal


Writting and showing you how i feel
cause only you allow my time to stand still
with every passion in me distilled
with a love that is real


I think about things & concede
that you equal all my wants & needs
my emotions fly towards you with no wings
married to these thoughts here’s your ring

That’s how deep i swim
into everything im trying to bring
unconditionally when


Say it with confidence
real emotions branded not counterfit
soul mate status when i write about it
native to these thoughts i wear it like moccasins


Pay attention to all of it
the passion, commitment & connection
realizing that the past was an audition
with no problem dealing with the cost of admission