I want to sit
next to you & talk about life
the etiquette of love that keeps me blind
& the euphoria of how we should spend our time


This moment I’d like to say is a combination of love & lust
sprinkled with all my desires of the truth
of how in a panoramic state of mind all I see is you


Words are keen
yet for whatever reason I cannot seem
to speak
or paint the picture the way it’s meant to be seen


That’s deep
loss of weight & sleep
my thoughts; so fragile I’ve become timid
don’t know why cause if i get it out I’m winning


Seen plenty of girls, but in you I’ve seen a woman
like my mom; which brings me home
before it gets dark with no other reason to roam
cause you’re my better half cloned
Reboot old poem..

My Reasons

They’re a lot of men that don’t deserve you
i probably don’t deserve you
but as long as you
have a smile on your face
i’ll take that any day
without reason


A need without a want
i guess the same as what love and lust has brought
also depends on the space of mind that is coming from


Allow me to be selfless & weightless with these thoughts
out of this world feeling like an astronaut
cause my poetry immortalizes you in fonts


Cd is called love with my favorite songs
as i shower you with what’s right even when i’m wrong
for a very long time since the days of Myspace & that guy called Tom


Happiness gives reason for loving you all along


I gave you my life
everything i had
even though at times
you felt i didn’t appreciate what
i had


You spoke about it on the line
& the voice on the other side
wasn’t mine


I heard, seen & felt somethings
while trying to be your king
looking for honey till the bees stings


A new chapter is what life brings
with words of wisdom & you not in it

I usually write about love, but had to switch it up..


In the past you had issues
that seems to come back
for the same tears and tissue


I listen to everything you felt you knew
with no bed needed to make love to you
as your words & aura equals sex appeal


Gives off the biggest thrill
written in my heart & sealed
then opened just for you to feel


Love isn’t cold or fake
cause your warmth keeps it real
no matter how long it takes


Swim across your teary lakes
just to associate myself with a love so great
& engraved


Each letter to my name