Emotional Gallery 2013

I see your quiet eyes underneath the cold past
with the warmth I bring, within your unfeeling smiles
what a combination that’s been written for quite awhile
happiness doesn’t always come from the heart
you must dig deeper before you ring the alarm


Whispers are spoken from me to you
i cuddle to your innocence
while i strip all of what others have shown you
in the form of insignificance


You make me feel like a photographer
with an obediant eye to the arts
which with you being in my thoughts come out a la carte


Each image of you fluidly from the start
i hope you understand motivation to me is who you are
freeing my thoughts without boundaries
one touch & i’m charged like a battery


A once in a lifetime feeling placed in my emotional gallery
i’ll never miss you cause you stay inside of me
others need purpose, but you’re my vitality

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