A calloused soul
& a tender heart
in games i never wanted to take part


Show you my emotions in dark
hoping that it starts
to fade into your lights ark


Be much to ask for
no lies, what’s mine is yours
i’m vulnerable to you of course


All you’ve become is a detour
the wrong path to my happiness for sure
no value to me anymore


End to my beginning
allows me to keep winning
even with the growing pains


There is sunshine their also going to be rain


Sticking around is like being stuck
there’s rules to us
but I guess it doesn’t mean much


The truth becomes overwhelming
if that’s true let it loose & say it
from the heart no faking


Are meant to be basic
no matter how it’s told its a lesson
stories of the real you waiting


Be validated
so i inhale everything you’re saying
like a tattoo artist all under your skin


Stay in tuned & focused
zero the past love like tennis
no games i’m not playing


Would be too dangerous
so i stay open
no drinks to be chasing


You’re that amazing


This unsparing living hell
in which no one is spared to tell
from their own appetites and failings oh well


I expect you to face life through this prism
epitomized through these lines in them
with the oeuvre of a composer of the arts


Peddle your addictions from the start
illuminating it’s most common thoughts
through hellish quarters you are who you are


That sink in & as it settles
know I’m your gold medal
raised high on your pedestal


You want me where noone else can mettle
into the hot thoughts in your kettle


You can stop traffic with your vibes
like others have said your features dont lie
& my words connect through my heart no lies


Bring out Spring melodies in July
in the heat of summer I’m alive
On all levels to your vibe


The sun with you i rise
to all levels that cannot be denied
so I sit back & write on these lines


That  you feel the same & fall in line

Emotional Gallery 2013

I see your quiet eyes underneath the cold past
with the warmth I bring, within your unfeeling smiles
what a combination that’s been written for quite awhile
happiness doesn’t always come from the heart
you must dig deeper before you ring the alarm


Whispers are spoken from me to you
i cuddle to your innocence
while i strip all of what others have shown you
in the form of insignificance


You make me feel like a photographer
with an obediant eye to the arts
which with you being in my thoughts come out a la carte


Each image of you fluidly from the start
i hope you understand motivation to me is who you are
freeing my thoughts without boundaries
one touch & i’m charged like a battery


A once in a lifetime feeling placed in my emotional gallery
i’ll never miss you cause you stay inside of me
others need purpose, but you’re my vitality

You’ll Always Be

In isolation
I download everything written
emotionally in the moment that i’m breathing
as each letter & sentence
begins & end my evenings


You like every man that saw you leaving
realizing your love was what they’d be needing
& I love you no matter the ending


Know that you’ll always be my blessing