I write from the top
from the heart of my soul it won’t stop
you’re in the present which makes you a current gift unlocked
as always spaced in thought
in each worded letter like an astronaut


Saying these words won’t lag
show you love without viewing a tennis match
no games,  scrimmage or test to pass
authentic jokes on others sit with me & laugh
to the men in your past


Im a poet to what my heart feels
Houston i’ve landed its all real
you C its easy to open your eyes at last


It’s all connected
your name.. your heart
your soul that’ll never be neglected
i’ll play the part that the universe expected


Speaking to how i should embrace it
2 peas in a pod don’t need any explanation
just the power of passion with no hesitation


not only my muse but the authority of love awakened
& if life is a journey i’ve reached my destination
of where i’m supposed to be


A non mortal goddess a myth to my destiny

Enamored 2/21

She intoxicated my thoughts
blurred visions between needs & wants
like I’ve known her for years


The calmness of your soul that has me here
turning love to reality that needs to be shared
with each syllable packaged with care


Breathe in the aura of your atmosphere
& i am enamored like never before
to every inch of where
you’ve been & were


In your past, present & future
as i become yours