It’s a new year with plenty of tests
i speak from the heart so take no offense
& i am going to score with you nonetheless
inside of that magical blue dress


Only academic thanks for the test
you’re too good of a blessing i must confess
so lets move ahead its all about our progress
truly loving you so forget who’s next


It on you in all forms including sex
as i exercise these thoughts without sweat
let me in i am far from your ex
12:01 am


This bathroom longing for each other forgetting the rest
& i am loving every minute of it i must confess
enjoying the new years in all of our bareness



Lino Robles


THE VIBE (Lino Robles x Wet Bliss )

I hold you now you’re stuck
while shivering to my kisses like lightning has struck
all this as cunnilingus rolls off my tongue
the beds right here no reason to run


By yourself is outdated so pull the plug
i wirelessly whisper in your ears to replace the buzz
no batteries needed to enjoy this fun
with new circular motion movement till you come



While i play with it for the right reasons
so anti yourself towards me call you treason

expel those thoughts as I grant you freedom
secluded we’ll repent at the temple of Eden


The lip service now let these feelings be felt
with less words tugging to loosen the belt
unwrap the chocolate (or candy) that’s sure to melt


My mouth you will regain your strength
press it upon me to take the full length
until weakened as the mind goes blank
sharing languished kisses to give thanks


Lino in bold
I wanted to welcome my followers back from a long weekend with this duet poem from myself & one of my favorite collaborators wet bliss!

Lino Robles