Tailored Into

I write about my ambitions
with your name lettered in each sequence
tailored into your fabric & way of living


Without words your soul listens
cutting through your past detours like a weapon
where love mirrors its only direction


You envision
the pureness of we like religion


Truthfully i love you from all angles
floating these feelings towards my angel
with these words saying you are it
you’re shaped like a bottle i want a sip


All fire no smoke screen you’re lit
the square root of my thoughts you always fit
it is hard to admit


Being selfish was me I’ll admit
till the day i met you those thoughts were split
into how im going to hold you so you wont be missed


Hard up on you when i go in for a kiss
so you can feel my heartbeat melting in bliss
yeah you make me feel like this

Just read

I just read these
subtle lines in 3D
thinking of her casually


She could be
the first woman created like Eve
without a dressing gown to see


Her informalities
since they involve me
so i say it creatively


Perfect clarity like HD
when i listen to loves CD
telling me no even though she thinks of me


I continue to twist this plot till infinity..

Inspired by couple lines read from Mike steeden work (EVE IN A DRESSING GOWN)